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Enclosures: Adault ball pythons will require an at least 30 gallon terrarium. Make sure that the top of the enclosure is secure as they can be escape artists. Aspen snake bedding would be the best substrate to use. They don’t need too much but a bowl big enough for them to soak in is necessary.
Temperature: Snakes are cold blooded, so their temperatures need to be regulated by the owner. The basic temperatures during the day should be 80F to 85F degree while the nighttime temperature can fall to 75 F. An under tank heater is recommended because it helps them digest their food.
Diet: Live or frozen mice mice or small rats should be given once a week. The size of the rodent should be the size of the widest part of its body. The python should be fed in a separate container to help curb aggression towards the owner during feeding time. Increase size of rodent as the python gets older.

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