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Enclosure: A 20 gallon aquarium with a screen top is recommended for the green anole. A bigger tank should be used if housing more than 4 anoles. Coconut husk soil mixed with moss is recommended as it helps retain humidy. Plenty of branches and plants should provided as the anoles rarely spend any time on the ground. They are escape artists so the tank should be secured at all times.

Heating and Lighting: the basic temperature in the enclosure should be around 80F degrees. A basking spot of 90F degrees should be available. As a tropical species, these lizards require a high humidity around 60%. This can be achieved with a sprawy bittle or an automatic misting system. A full spectrum UV light is required during the daytime hours.

Diet: A basic insectivore, the green anole requires crickets or dubia cockroaches. Dust their food with a calcium supplement 3 to 4 times a week.

Lifespan: A healthy anole can live up to 6 years.

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