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In Store Grooming Service

Here at uptown pet we offer the best grooming in town. Our groomer would love to meet your dog.

We use all-natural Shampoos and Conditioners and an all-natural flea shampoo. We also offer blueberry facials and eucalyptus flea shampoo for an additional fee. Grooming is done by appointment only. We hand dry every dog will call you as soon as they are ready.

To make an appointment, please call  any time at (909)-797-5566


Baths start out at $20 and increase based on size of dog and condition of hair. Baths include brush outs, nail clipping, anal gland expressions, and cleaning ear canals.

Haircuts start at $40 and increase based on size of dog and condition of hair. Haircuts also include everything bath services have to offer.

Flea Shampoo costs $3 for small dogs and $5 for large dogs.

Blueberry Facials cost $3.

We will also cut the nails of most other types of animals.

Small animals like bunnies, cats, bearded dragons will cost $10

Larger animals such as full size Iguanas and Cockatoos will cost $15. Call for appointment on large birds and reptiles.

Birds’ nails and wing clippings will cost $15.

All nail clippings will be done by the groomer so call ahead of time to make sure she is available.

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