Huge Selection of Healthy Brands!

Dog Training

The Ingredients Speak For Themselves.

We carry a large selection of Healthy Dog & Cat food. From Champions Pet Foods Acana to Taste Of the Wild's new Wild Boar Formula, we carry a suprisingly wide selection for a smaller store.

Best Prices Can Be Local

Not only do we carry foods that big stores can't carry we are often lower on price. Knowledgable customer service dosen't hurt either.

Professional Grooming

Cheryl has been grooming for us for a few years now. As im sure most of her customers agree she does a thorough job at a great price. Come talk to Cheryl and get a Grooming quote.

Livestock Feed

Now carrying livestock feed. From Chickens to Horses we have all your feeding needs.

Frequent Buyer Programs

Not only does Uptown Pets carry already low prices on Dog & Cat Food, select brands are available for Frequent Buyer Programs.

Reptiles, Tropical Fish, Small Animals & Birds

We have Food & Supplies for your other pets as well.
Live Feeders: Goldfish, Crickets, Mice, Rats, Mealworms, Superworms, Waxworms, Blabtica Dubia, Earthworms, Fruit Flies & More.


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