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About Uptown Pets

Our Story

Here in Yucaipa, history is made with a vision and hard work. Nothing represents this better than Uptown Pets. A successor to Pampered Pets, Uptown Pets started as a nearly empty space eager for renovation. We are located in the mideastern region of Yucaipa, California. It’s has stood proudly since 2010. After many developments, it finally stands on it’s own in a growing town of many successful ventures.

Here at Uptown Pets, we provide customers with everything they need to raise your favorite animals. We specialize in dogs, cats, reptiles, aquatics, and everything in between. Our expert employees would love to help you solve any issue you might have. Please stop in and see why we are the best independent pet store in the Inland Empire.

The Ingredients Speak For Themselves.
We carry a large selection of Healthy Dog & Cat food. From Champions Pet Foods Acana to Taste Of the Wild’s new Wild Boar Formula, we carry a suprisingly wide selection for a smaller store.

Best Prices Can Be Local
Not only do we carry foods that big stores can’t carry we are often lower on price. Knowledgeable customer service doesn’t hurt either.

Professional Grooming
We have a professional groomer on staff every day of the week.. We use all natural Shampoos and Conditioners.  Our groomers can groom and style any type of dog. Call us @ (909)-797-5566 to schedule an Appointment

Chicken and Bird Feed
Now carrying Chicken Feed and Bird Seed for all types and sizes of birds.

Frequent Buyer Programs
Not only does Uptown Pets carry already low prices on Dog & Cat Food, select brands are available for Frequent Buyer Programs.

Reptiles, Tropical Fish, Small Animals & Birds
We have Food & Supplies for your other pets as well.

Live Feeders
Goldfish, Crickets, Mice, Rats, Mealworms, Superworms, Waxworms, Blaptica Dubia, Earthworms & More.

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